What are the safest and cheapest places to live in NYC/White plains area?

My brother got a job in White Plains (NY-10601) and he will be moving in a couple of months.
He and his wife have never been up north and want to know what areas are cheaper and safer between Manhattan and White Plains. Their income is lower-middle level and they don’t have a car. Could anyone suggest such areas/neighborhoods where they can find good quality apartment (1BR+) for not more than .5K/month?

What are the cheapest places to live in LA?

I’m thinking about moving there when I’m finished my hair and makeup degree as it was recommended to go somewhere where the land of fashion is huge as it would offer more work opportunities. how much would it be to rent a flat (i’d prob have to share with someone) for a month?
what would be the nicest and safest areas to live in? (andpreferably cheap roo?)


Where are the cheapest places to live in South West London?

I’m just about to graduate and want to stay in the area but didn’t know the best places to look for homes. I’m going to be living with friends from uni so am looking for houses to rent.
Yes, SW London is a pretty expensive place in general but I need to stay up here for work so I’m looking for cheapER places to live there.

What are some of the cheapest places to live in an apartment in the USA?

I’m in college working towards my degree, so I don’t have it yet. But I would like to work full time and go to school part time. So I’m trying to find a cheap place to live that is at least somewhat nice (you know, low crime rate and stuff), and it would be even better if it’s close to a college. If not, that’s fine. Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks!