Where in London can I find cheapest place to live for 6 months? Would like not to live in a Ghetto.?

For work purposes I am moving there. But my company is not paying for it. Would like to find a decent/cheap accomodation. Also, around how much is it to live in London per month or per week? Grocery, cell phone bill, eating out, going out, booze, etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I live in new york where is the cheapest place to get live feeder crickets shipped? petco has 14cents a piece!?

petco has 14cents a piece! thats crazy talk! i know most dealers sell them online at a couple cents a piece which is great but their shipping is usually very large since im all the way up in ny, does anyone know any dealers around the northeast area?
note: see American Cricket Ranch.com has shipping that would be over 20 dollars because they are over in CA but im in NY, i need something close to me, flukers has 13 dollar shipping but i still think thats pretty crazy isnt there something better??
second note: i have only a baby chameleon will i be able to take full advantage of the full 1000 crickets? And yes i plan on incubating, and feeding the crickets as well as removing dead bodies every other day