What are the CHEAPEST places to live in the US?

Question by ???: What are the CHEAPEST places to live in the US?
Like I want something for about $ 50 a month or so for rent or whatever.
ANYTHING, I >>>DO NOT CARE<<< about the following. What condition the house/whatever is. Where it is located. Or really anything else. I just need a really cheap place to live. Best answer:

Answer by Overnight
50 is pretty low, I don’t think you can get that anywhere unless its some government subsidized thing.

There are some really ghetto parts of Kansas City KS where you can find a home for about $ 150 a month. But let me warn you these things are shacks. A home in Tijuana would be a step up from some of these neighborhoods. None of them would pass any kind of inspection, but the tenants don’t report them because they need a cheap place to live. Many are illegal immigrants who would not qualify for any type of “project” housing. Also the crime is just atrocious. You wouldn’t be able to own anything worth more than about $ 5 without it being stolen.

I don’t think any of them advertise in any rental listings or anything like that. It’s more of a word of mouth /cash only/ type of thing.

Quite honestly if this is your price range, you might be better off living in a shelter, or a resuce mission, or whatever.

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How much would a very cheap place to live in in Chicago cost?

Question by Happy: How much would a very cheap place to live in in Chicago cost?
How much would a very cheap place to live in in Chicago cost?(But not ghetto)
My brother is going to Chicago
If you only earn $ 1000 a month
what place would be affordable for me?
I don’t want to live in any place ghetto
but how much would that kind of place cost?
How about a place that is not ghetto but cheap?

Best answer:

Answer by John K
Your rent should always be 30% or less of your montly pay – so $ 300 a month.
You will need the rest for transportation, buses, cars, taxi’s, trains, etc. along with food,
entertainment, clothes, shoes, things for the apartment, etc.

It can be difficult in Chicago finding a place that cheap – how about finding a roommate.

Checkout – Craigslist – roommates on line or post a note at one of the universities. Also, it is also safe to live near a university. Try Loyola on northside, Northeastern Illinois Univ. on northside,
DePaul Univ. area is very expensive.

Good Luck.

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Mexico ? The Best Place to Retire Cheap, and Live Well!

Those nearing retirement and realizing that they will either retiring on a tighter budget, or putting of retirement for a few years more are probably looking for other options, specifically, the best place to retire cheap. Mexico is, in fact, this place.


A cost of living comparison to the U.S. will show that retirees can live for much less in Mexico than in the U.S. or in Canada. Healthcare is one example. For the most modern healthcare, which, according to the World Health Organization, is on par with private hospitals in the U.S., and which many expats feel is actually more personalized, with doctors taking time to talk to you, residents can save between 50 and 70% compared to costs back home. Unlike the U.S. or Canadian systems, waiting lines are virtually unheard of. Food, bills, transportation and entertainment are also much less expensive.


Mexico real estateis also very cheap. While mansions on the beachfront can run into the millions, there are very comfortable condos a walk away from the beach, charming colonial homes in old cities, or comfortable homes on a lakefront available for just about any budget. Whether in the high-end, or more affordable, value for your money is much greater here in Mexico; for most retirees, these savings are the difference between retiring early instead of late, and enjoying day to day life, rather than trying to squeeze by on a limited budget.


While there are other places to retire cheap, no other combines the benefits of Mexico, which include:


low cost of living and real estate, as mentioned above
high-quality services – up to date, like what you’re used to from back home, or even better
close to home – flights from Mexico to the U.S. or Canada can be from 1 hour to 4 or 5 hours for the most extreme distances; the cost of direct flights is also very low


Other cheap locations will be much farther away, and usually don’t offer direct flights, significantly increasing both time and money spent on visits back home, or visits from friends and family. The vast majority also don’t include the high quality of modern services like in Mexico.


Sure, there are many places to retire cheap, but if you want the best place to retire cheap consider Mexico.


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