Where is the cheapest/safest place to live in San Francisco? Or, the same for a city outside SF to commute?

Question by Bridget: Where is the cheapest/safest place to live in San Francisco? Or, the same for a city outside SF to commute?
I am moving to the area to go to to grad school. I would like to live somewhere that either has a train station or bus station that goes into the city, or has less than an hour commute by car into the city. Also, by “cheapest” I mean rent that is less than $ 1,000 per month. Thanks for your help!

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Answer by Spaceball Ricochet
How big a place are you looking for? The thing is, it’s quite expensive here. There’s nowhere within an easy commute of San Francisco where under $ 1000/month is the norm… there are some places, such as Dublin, parts of San Jose, Hayward, Gilroy (which can be quite cheap, but trains only run during rush hour), etc… that are more prone to exceptions than others, but none where you’d have tons of choices for that amount. Likewise, when there is something under $ 1000 you kinda have to fight tooth and nail to get it (as everyone else is looking for the rare gem under $ 1000, too). It’s not impossible, mind… but not that easy, either.

Your best bet would be to live with a roommate in either San Francisco (cheapest/safest neighborhoods are the Sunset and the Richmond – not to be confused with Richmond, the city, across the bay… which is relatively cheap but not safe) or somewhere an easy commute, such as Daly City or Berkeley (both are slightly cheaper than SF and easily accessible by BART).

Again, not impossible to find your own place for under $ 1000, but it could be difficult and take a while. But as a roommate, you could get a place in SF itself for $ 600-800 pretty easily.

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Where is the cheapest, yet safest place to live in LA for an aspiring actor?

Question by Jeff S: Where is the cheapest, yet safest place to live in LA for an aspiring actor?
I’d like to move to LA and audition for some roles but I’d only like to spend about 700 a month on rent. Where should I live?

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Answer by Leandra ann Rodriguez
Thousand Oaks, I live born and raised here. Actors, Actresses, Rock stare live here not to far from Hollywood about 40 minutes.

Will Smith, Ritchie Sanbora, Jada Picket & her kids, Kardashains, Kurt Russell, Heather Lock, The Rock, Eddie Money & Linkin Park members.

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Cheap places to live?

Question by Kirstin: Cheap places to live?
I’m planning on moving in about 5 months. I really want to live in NY, but it is very expensive. All I need is a studio, nothing fancy, but also, in the city. I just need something affordable. Any ideas?

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Answer by Jake
hey there, just warning new york city is gonna be a shock to you at first but you’ll love it eventually(maybe no promises).
depending on what borough you want to live in will be more expensive. I assume you want to live in manhattan.

the cheapest places are usually places that are above 59th street(above central park) upper west side and upper east side. Harlem is relatively cheap but it in the 100ths with streets and is very far up and isn’t as dangerous but a little.
Another area thats relatively cheap are the places below midtown in-between downtown. Like chelsea, green which village(sometimes), SoHo, NoHo, and the meatpacking district. If you have a lot of money and a good job you could try living in midtown or even downtown in the finical districts. *what avenue your on makes the difference too* like living on park avenue or 5th thats expensive.

I don’t know much about the other boroughs but brookyln, and queens are ok and cheaper but not centrally located. I wouldn’t want to live in staten island, or the bronx because its very far up and a bit dangerous.

check out this good website. hope u like NYC!!!


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