Cheapest places to live in Hawaii?

I am 23 and I was wandering what it is like on the islands. I have researches this alot and just wanted to know where the cheapest place rent. I wouldnt care if I had roomates and how hard is it to find any kind of employment there. What type careers would be good to get if I wanted to move down there? Around how much per month with rent and food would it be to get by there? I’m real laid back just wanting to get info

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  1. To put it really quick, I’m not really sure you really want to live in Hawaii. I live on Oahu and things here aren’t really that great. I mean yeah it’s really pretty here, but there are a lot of things to consider as you should if you were ever going to move. To put things more simple. The cheaper areas to rent are areas that are farther from town (really really sucks) and are of course, have higher crime rates. I luckily live in Kapahulu which is a really expensive area to live in. The houses aren’t that great but compared to Hawaii Kai area which has cheaper beautiful houses, it’s closer to town which is a huge plus especially with the traffic. If you’re low on budget, i suggest that you get a place probably near pearl ridge, makiki, and kalihi. If you want something closer to town you could go for manoa valley. Of course employment is hard to come by. A good profession to go into at this time would be a nurse or doctor. I know you’re a guy but the benefits and pay of being a nurse is super good and they’re needed badly on Oahu. And the expenses for just living in your apartment could be covered if you get a small part time job at a restaurant with maybe another part time job. Yes, it’s very expensive and it would be better if you have a few friends down here to help you get on your feet. I really hope this helped and i wish you good luck :)

  2. The unfortunate answer to your question is that there really isn’t any place in Hawaii that is cheap to live. Some places are less expensive than others, but nothing even approaches cheap. And the less expensive places are probably places where you would be advised to avoid. The western side of the island is less expensive, but not the best place for a newcomer to try to fit in. You might be able to find something in the Salt Lake or Aiea areas that might not be too outrageous. Maybe Kaimuki or Makiki. In general, I think you would be looking at $1,200 to $1,500/month in rent, & that would take some luck. If you find a roommate & share something, you could probably knock that down a bit – like maybe half of $1,800 to 2K. Food really depends on what & where you eat. I wouldn’t even know what to estimate. The bus system is pretty decent, so it is possible to get by w/o a car. As far as employment goes, it is not an easy time to find work here. Our unemployment numbers are high. If you have a trade or profession, you should look at ads in the online Honolulu Advertiser or Star Bulletin & see if there is anything in your line of work. If you are counting on something unskilled, it will be pretty tough. Minimum wage is nowhere near a living wage.

  3. Actually Hawaii is one of the worlds top destinations as it is a home of worlds bets beaches and islands, so expect everything are expensive in the place especially the accommodation, so when you’re planning to visit Hawaii make sure to bring lot of money in your pocket.

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