Where is the cheapest place to live in Oregon?

My fiance and I are tight on money at the moment, but we really need to move into Oregon. We’re only looking for a one bedroom apartment, as it’s only a temporary situation. Where is the cheapest place to be? Any specific quotes?

3 thoughts on “Where is the cheapest place to live in Oregon?

  1. Openly Straight

    I assume you mean in the Portland area.. well, the farther away from the city you get, the cheaper the rents are. Get a place in the suburbs, like Hillsboro or Gresham. The rents are way less out there than in the city of Portland, and it’s still not all that far away from the city.

    Best place to look is Craigslist.. everyone puts their best specials on there.

  2. travelin gran

    If you want out of Portland metro try Eugene. It’s a college town and has some nice and inexpensive places to rent. It has a lot for a young couple to do also. Craigslist is an excellent source. Roseburg is nice, if you want a place that small. The further south the higher the cost of living, especially on the I-5 corridor.

    Good luck!

  3. the d

    the cheapest i hear right now is in the bend redmond area, like foreclosures are everywhere.

    if your tallking portland, there is no real cheap area, prices have not fallen here like most of the united states.

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