I live in new york where is the cheapest place to get live feeder crickets shipped? petco has 14cents a piece!?

petco has 14cents a piece! thats crazy talk! i know most dealers sell them online at a couple cents a piece which is great but their shipping is usually very large since im all the way up in ny, does anyone know any dealers around the northeast area?
note: see American Cricket Ranch.com has shipping that would be over 20 dollars because they are over in CA but im in NY, i need something close to me, flukers has 13 dollar shipping but i still think thats pretty crazy isnt there something better??
second note: i have only a baby chameleon will i be able to take full advantage of the full 1000 crickets? And yes i plan on incubating, and feeding the crickets as well as removing dead bodies every other day

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  1. http://www.nyworms.com/LiveCrickets.htm

    its in new york and $25 per thousend INCLUDING SHIPPING and winter packaging , AND it lets you pick the size of them too! now thats a good deal! :) hope I helped
    actually, yeah lol you can put them in a bucket and freeze them, if you don’t beleive me look it up. That way you wont have to waste any.

  2. American Cricket Ranch.com ships crickets for 2 to 4 cents each plus postage ( more expensive if you only buy 100). Flukers, the oldest cricket company, charges about the samefor 500 at a time (10.95). You have options for shipping second day is much cheaper than overnight, so you may pay as little as 10 or as much as 20 dollars for shipping and handling, still a lot cheaper than the pet stores if you buy in bulk. They will sell 1000 if you want that many at once. NYworms charges 25 dollars per thousand including shipping, if you want that many, but they are cheap.All companies let you pick the size of the crickets, and all provide heat packs in the winter.

    If you want superworms, TastyWorms ships Priority Mail which is only about 5 dollars. They are the cheapest on Superworms.

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