Is Long Beach california a good place to live in southern california? LA?

Question by : Is Long Beach california a good place to live in southern california? LA?
So my best friend and I are now finishing up community college and looking to apply to some universities in Southern california, (Cal state long beach, Pomona, Northridge, LA). We’re really planning on moving to Los Angeles(or somewhere close by) and we are looking into the Long Beach area. I just want to get some information on good, safe, yet affordable places in southern california to maybe live, thats good for college students, I know its a little hard to put safe an affordable together. Where are some safe, yet cheap places to live within long beach(or any where in southern California) as a college student? and Is there a lot to do around Long beach? What about places in Los Angeles city itself? any information on nice cheap areas would be nice, thanks! we’re open to different areas, were just trying to look around and find a nice place to live, were coming from Hawaii so we’re trying to start looking and planning. and yes, We are aware that its going to be hard to find cheap.

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  1. Sadly, there’s no place I can point out that’s cheap, let alone cheap and safe. Average price of a 1BR apartment in the area is $ 1200. Yes, Long Beach is a good area, especially south of 7th Street. But nothing there is cheap, unless you go into the ghetto area of North Long Beach.

  2. If you are coming here for school, you need to be near the school. If you are accepted at CSULB, Long Beach is a great place for you to live. If you plan to attend Pomona, CSUN, or CSULA, you don’t want to be living in Long Beach, CSULA would be the closest and probably 40+ minutes with rush hour traffic. CSUN is about 2 hours on a regular rush hour day (if there is a major accident, it can take double that). So you pick the school first and then select an area.

    You are picking some top notch schools. Do you have the capabilities to get into them? HI Community Colleges do not have high rankings for most programs. Your profile says you are from San Leonardo, unless you were paying instate tuition in HI and you have a CA high school diploma, you probably won’t have a problem with being considered out of state for tuition purposes.

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