Safest and cheapest places to live in California?

Question by MichelleeRIOT: Safest and cheapest places to live in California?
I’m not looking for smart remarks, I’m looking for an answer.

I’ve done my research on Bakersfield, California, and I heard it is one of the cheapest places to live..but not the safest, what’s your thoughts on Bakersfield?

Can you suggest some places that are safe, yet affordable in California?

Thank you.

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Answer by Walking_Paycheck
I’ve lived in California all my life. For all of that time, we have all mocked Bakersfield as the “armpit of California.” I stayed there once. It was pretty boring.

I would choose the Sacramento area for “affordable” living (affordable by California standards).

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  1. I’ve lived in Bakersfield for all of my 33 years. The safest areas are on the outer edges. Bakersfield has grown a lot in the last decade and most of the neighborhoods around the edge of town are the newest. Stick to the edges and stay away from the middle. The middle isn’t all bad, but that’s where the worst pockets are.

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