2 thoughts on “where is the cheapest places to live on the gulf coast?”

  1. Cheap is a relative classification, what is cheap to you may not be cheap to others. But there are many places to live close to the gulf coast. It just depends on what you are looking for and how close you would actually like to be to the coast.

    The best answer for the cost of living, the proximity to the coast, and the property value would be the Fort Walton Beach area. Fort Walton has been recognized by many magazine publications such as Forbes as being one of the cheapest places to live in Florida for the quality of life you get in return. If actually being close to the water isn’t important, somewhere like Houston would be great, Galveston would be closer to the water, but property is high down there. I live in Louisiana, and unfortunately, the coast here isn’t much for having beaches, mostly just good fishing waters, but you can find many places that are relatively cheaper than FL or TX.

  2. back bay is the place to try or biloxi that is a place you could try i am not sure what you mean by cheap. its expensive everywhere but you know in the south its cheaper then most.

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